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Start date:
12.06, Friday AT 18:00 CET

DevlandOT informations:

DevlandOT is a non-profit project, 100% free to play which is a mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun.

Our vision and goal is to recreate the old good days of this game and provide a stable and long-term server built on our beloved & unique Karmia's map.

Custom map: World Preview
Custom client: DevlandOT Client
Hosting: France, Europe
Discord: Join us on Discord

Unique features: Money/Exp Tasks | Daily tasks | Autoloot | Boost points

Check also: Beginner's Guide | DevlandOT Wiki | Server information

Experience stages:
7-20 x6
21-40 x5
41-60 x
61-80 x3
81+ x2

Skill rate: x4
Magic rate: x2
Loot rate: x2
Regeneration: x2
Soul ticks: x2


  • 100% free to play (no sms shop, no p2w)
  • 8.0 mechanics & exhaust
  • Stackable runes & mfs
  • Shared hunting
  • Custom RPG quests
  • Monsters from newer Tibia
  • Advanced Task system
  • Daily Task system
  • Cast system (5% more exp)
  • Guild war system


Pelock Software Protection

Software copy protection against reverse engineering with anti-cracking & anti-debugging techniques.

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PELock comes with a built-in licensing system, which you can use to easily add a license key system to your application. You can also set various time-trial limitations for the protected application, e.g. 30 day trial.

AutoIt and Assembler Obfuscator

AutoIt Obfuscator lets you protect your AutoIt script source code against analysis, reverse engineering & decompilation by using multiple advanced obfuscation techniques and polymorphic encryption.

.netshrink exe packer & virtual dll binder

.netshrink is an exe packer aka executable compressor, application password protector and virtual DLL binder for Windows & Linux .NET applications.

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~~~~Start - 03/05/2017~~~~~~

Final beta tests are in progress. You can try our server right now

Server Enanthenone will offer you:

- Unique professions (ie Warrior-Warlord, Ranger-Hunter, Mage-Wizard, Shaman-Witch Doctor, Monk-Holy Monk).

- unique spells with Latin incarnations giving the game a new spectacular mechanics that you have not seen in tibi yet.

- Accelerated attack and reduced casting time and spells, thus providing a more dynamic gameplay.

- A unique drop of items (called diablo loot), which allows you to drown the same item with much better stats.

- Changed drop items (From a killed dragon can kill for fire sword etc).

Accurately arranged exp stages guarantee hours of fun.

- fully mapped rl map.

- High level play due to high difficulty. The lvl thrust and achievement give you double satisfaction!

And much much more. I invite you to play. :)

Nowy obraz mapy bitowej (2).bmp

jlskelin posted Mar 21 '17 at 4:54 pm

Hello i opened a new server called lula ots .This server has more then 40 custom items new spells all unique.Server has been online for a month we are improving evry day update evry week.We got a nee host sonthere should be no lags.All vocation are balanced.if you are interested please come and join


BEAM OTS - Start Date 21.02.2016 20:00

Your best choice choice!

100% RL TIBIA MAP 10.90


· Unique Casino Las Vegas
· Cast System
· Krailos, Seacrest Serpent, Grimvale, Asura Palace, Glooth Bandits, Medusa Tower, Warzones, Noble Lions, Gray Beach, Roshamuul and much more!
· All Mounts, Outfits and Addons 10.90, Taming system
· Retro PVP! War System
· Rewards System
· Battlefield events
· Task system, with bosses and ranks
· Trainer Offline 100% RL

What is mort important for You, rest players, Us and server? That why we created server and provied especially for You!

· Superior feeling
· Security, uptime SLA 99,99%
· RL Tibia feeling
· Recognition
· Weekly updates and improvements
· RPG, PVP and PowerGaming exhibition ability
· Dynamic RPG, PVP, PG, Guild Wars statistics
· Intense experience
· Events, raids, lotteries
· Experienced and helpful OTS makers team
· Great society and guilds

Thats why, BeamOTS ensure that You will be observed and appreaciated.

You Are Welcome | Create account now!

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