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Dark Alliance Server. Free Premium.

New server 7.6 antibot low exp whitout many systems and many new features.

Custom client without sprites 10.+ and not need ipchanger

A new world filled with new quests, new challenges, a unique gameplay system, combining pvp expert system with classic pvp without hotkeys.

Hosted: Germany, dedicated server
Map: Adream Custom Map
Client: Modified - 7.6
Uptime: 24/7/365
Experience stages : 1-49 --> 6x // 50+ 4x
Skills: 3
magic: 2
Loot: 1
Server type: PVP

There will be no resets of this server. We are here to stay!

Join us now at and start your adventure!


Server Specs:
Version server: 10.00
Accounts: www.Zarkonia.Online

Zarkonia Server replica of the original map
but with some modifications in some structures from thais,
improving with faster respawn.
RLMAP , Free Rashid and Djinns trade.
Questlog active with all major quests from the map.
All Vocations Balanced, and rework with Party Protection.
Hosted in

World Changes & Boss Raid:
Raging Mage, Mawhawk, Fury Gates Deepling bosses
Sigh of surrenders spawn Silencer plateau...
Tyrn, Glooth fairy, Lisa, Omrafir, Feroxa, Zushuka
hirintror, White pale , Hirintor, the pale count, Yeti
Weakened Shlorg, Morgaroth, Ghazbaran
Zulazza the Corruptor and much more!

Experience stages:
1 - 7 (70x)
8 - 50 (400x)
51 - 150 (150x)
151 - 200 (25x)
201 - 250 (12x)
251 - 300 (7x)
300 - 420 (3x)
421+ (2x)
Skill rate: x20
Regen rate: x4
Magic rate: x9
Loot rate: x3

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