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Master posted Dec 22 '15 at 2:08 am

Great Program for OTS makers!

How to use this:

Map Shape has a few other features, everything is being planned for a practical involving aesthetics and functionality: You add an image, select a color, this selected color will be transformed into map; you can choose various colors and some grounds, as well as the version you want.

Also changed the structure of the program to save the file, for those who complained, now it is perfect!

Roles changed as the color selection allow better handling tool, which once produced cor1 and COR2 can now be listed as how many colors you want.



All included in Pack

Full RL MAP Server 10.90 Tibia

Newest addons mounts, cities, islands.


Warzone 1, 2 e 3

  • Task system, com bosses e ranks;
  • Bank System
  • Gray Beach City completa 100% (incluindo Subsolo)
  • NewVenore 100%
  • New AB 100%
  • Monstros 100%
  • Trainer Offline 100%
  • Trainer Online 100%
  • Todas montarias;
  • Taming system funcionando 100%;
  • Database completa
  • Wrath of Emperor Quest
  • War System 100%
  • Market System 100%
  • Roshamull Completa100% (incluindo subsolo)
  • Oramond Full
  • Zao 100%
  • Sem bug de pegar items com o browse field
  • POI 100%
  • Varios bugs de mapas removidos
  • Blood Herb Quest 100%
  • Npc Addoner, (e tem os npc originais fica a seu critério)
  • Chayenne Realm Quest
  • Pythius The Rotten Quest 100%


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Complete Database

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