Bots Scripts

Scripts for botting in tibia. Load script to bot, set up and run. Full Afks and others allowed


Quest starts at either port hope depot and does full access and enables the boat orr you can set it so it just goes right to yalahar and begins.

NOTICE:: There is a problem with the looter, it does not loot moriks helmet, so either buy it from black bert before hand or i have included an alarm for when morik is on screen so you can do it yourselfI stop it at mission 7 as it is the quara missions and the others after are very easy and not time consumingIt buys all items needed and you can also set it so you go and buy the animal cure or if you have one set it so you dont need to

You need a first mission of explorer society quest (joining the explorers) u can se how do this here

DONT STAY AFK WITH THIS SCRIPTING RUNNING MAYBE HAVE SOME BUGS i used this for mission 1-3 and dont find any problem
any problem,please report for the official topic


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