Full packages

Upload and run. Integrated engine, database, website, map, scripts


RL MAP OTS 8.0 TFS 1.2 for Windows - whole datapack:

Compiled .exe, all data, rl map, database

name of who threw the field
Loot Channel
party share exp working
name of the monsters that threw the field
magic wall timer and the name of who launched mwall
fixed use of lifefluid on hotkeys
fluid wrong message on hotkeys
added auto recharge ammo

Github repo for updates


OTS RL MAP 12X Global

Added Issavi (some NPCs are missing) Bosses and Spawn 100%

Cobra Bastion All bosses and mini bosses work perfectly.

Falcon Bastion working 100% being necessary to kill the mini bosses to face Oberon.

Ferumbras Quest Complete being necessary to do all missions.

It comes with the main Released quests.

Nova Store (The one with image and DropDowns.)

Bestiary is working perfectly.

Prey system 3 Slot releasing only for those who buy in the store.

Reward Daily System 100%.

Gesior Website (Dark-Global's own layout.)

Bosses Deeplings 100%.

Heart of Destruction Quest (Not complete.)

Grimvale Full Bosses working 100%.

Spells Revised and modified.

Carnivors rock was also added, I changed the loot a bit because it was high. (Random spawn system on each floor like cip.)

PZ / Treiner stamina filling system.

Exercise System (Inside houses or purchased from the store, they gain 20% more training and speed.)

Cellars that needed WorldChange to appear her monsters, now these cellars have monsters from world change and standard monsters from the basement.

Quick Looting 100% (Can be changed in Config.lua if it is necessary to click on the monster's body, if you want it comes directly to the selected backpack without the need to click on the monster's body.)

Almost all of the achivements are added.

New Asuras

Warzone 4,5,6 100%
Raids 100%
Monsters 100%
Offline Trainer 100%
Online Trainer 100%
Complete Database 100%

Automatic payment systems as well as the delivery of points being : (Paypal, Pagseguro, Picpay.)

Configurable Control Buttons added


DB https://shortenx.com/BcOD
Server, website https://shortenx.com/nswO


OTS is compatible with TFS 1.2

Pack containts

  • Map
  • DB
  • Client
  • Server files

Pack is from Realera OTS.

Svargrond Arena Quest! [X]
The Ancient Tombs Quest! [X]
Banshee Quest! [X]
Dreamer Challenge Quest! [X]
Ape City Quest! [X]
Postman Quest! [X]
Djinn War Quest! [X]
Pits Of Inferno Quest! [X]

Download Pack - Real OTS 8.0

Alternative TFS to download


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